2040 AD
Gomalan in 2040.
Vital statistics
Previous Year With Article 2032
Next Year With Article 2048
Jewish Calendar 5801 CE
Hylian Calendar 520 HR
Koopa Calendar 1060 KP
Mushroom Calendar 55 MB
Weegee Calendar 2929 WG

2040 is a year between 2039 and 2041. It is featured in the video "Link Saves the Future." It is also the final year of the Noob Era.


  • Evil Link completes his conquest of Hyrule, destroying the last of the local resistance groups and ending the Second Hylian Civil War. At this point, he also controls much of New York on Earth, as well as Shyguyland and parts of the Mushroom Kingdom on Plit.
  • Evil Link and his minions attack the Koopa Kingdom, and the Koopas retaliate by sending forces to the Southern Continent of Eluryh. A battle is fought there, and an airship carrying Bowser is shot down over the ocean. Bowser is frozen and preserved but presumed dead, so his son, Ludwig von Koopa, takes his place as king of the Koopas.
  • Four time travelers from the past–Link, Gwonam, Morshu, and King Harkinian–come to stop Future Link from continuing being dictator. Future Link doesn't take this lightly, and kidnaps Younger Link. Then Future Link shoots the other three heroes. Link decides to commit suicide, the only way to save the future. Older Link dies, but younger Link survives. This glitch in time allows Evil Link to come into existence in the past, but leaves Evil Link dead in the present of 2040.
  • Birdo deposes Pinkie Pie and takes Evil Link's place as the military leader of Hyrule. Many Hylians disapprove of Birdo due to her disputed gender, but a civil war is averted in Hyrule itself when Birdo decides to share power with her husband, Yoshi. However, a rebellion soon begins in Hyrule's other territories.

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