Albert Gore
Al Gore
Vital statistics
Occupation Environmentalist, former vice president, 2000 election candidate, former senator
Name Albert Gore
Age 65
Appearances South Park, the Simpsons
Friends Bill Clinton, other people
Enemies Republicans, Fat Mario, Manbearpig, Climate Change
Hometown Carthage, Tennessee
Relatives Pauline Gore (mother)

Karenna Gore (son)

Favorite Things Liberal ideas
Embodied Personalities ManBearPig

Albert Gore was the vice president under Bill Clinton and is currently an environentalist, working to end global warming and capture ManBearPig. He hates May kits. Since Al Gore was Bill Clinton's running mate in the 1996 election, King Harkinian's running mate, Fat Mario, hates him.

After George W. Bush defeated him (maybe) in the 2000 election, Gore made up Manbearpig in order to get attention but it backfired when he started to believe in it in 2006. Today, Al Gore is the only one who believes in Manbearpig.

"Aren't you a mite puny to go up against Ganon?"
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