Billy Mays
Youtube Poop Billy Mays Is Watching Your Mom In The Shower02:07

Youtube Poop Billy Mays Is Watching Your Mom In The Shower

Billy Mays is a billion perverts.
Vital statistics
Occupation Salesman, assassin.
Name Billy Mays
Age 51 years (at "death")
Appearances TV advertisements, YouTube Poop, South Park
Friends Unknown.
Enemies Weegee
Hometown Unknown.
Relatives Unknown.
Favorite Things Drugs, violence, sex.
Embodied Personalities None known.

Billy Mays (19584444) is a guy who sells lotsa stuff. He is a popular character in YouTube Poop.


Billy Mays was born as William Entervev Mayshuvantsaya in 1958. He changed his name after escaping prison in 1975, then went on to sell stuff on television. He faked his death in 2009 by using fake Magic Drugs. In reality, he had just moved to Gomalan. He really died in 4444 when he lost a battle with Ultimate Weegee.

Legal Issues

He has had accounts of supplying King Harkinian with Magic Drugs, and he has destroyed property and ran over kids.



Morshu Mays here!


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Billy Haze00:32

Billy Haze

Original Billy Mays. Do not steal.

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  • He has a bazooka.
  • He suffers from explosive diarrhea.
  • He once tried to sell himself.
  • He may be an illegitimate son of Ruigario.
  • He will beat your entire family to death with a bucket of Oxy-Clean for just $19.99.
  • He can please up to 47 million moms simultaneously. Don't ask how.
  • He will mail 47 million cobras to your family.
  • He once appeared on South Park.

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