Brooklyn Mario.

Brooklyn Mario (1987–2019) is Mama Luigi's brother. He likes meatballs and toast.



Baby Brooklyn Mario and Baby Mama Luigi.

When Dic decided to make The Super Mario Bros. Super Show, Brooklyn Mario was created. He seemed to taunt King Koopa a lot, and has been a wanted fugitive ever since he destroyed the Great Wall of China in 1990. He was said to have been killed by Ludwig van Koopa in 1991, but has actually been in hiding, waiting to seek revenge on Game Mario and Koopa until he was shot by Mama Luigi in 2013, a year before the Form Wars. Though presumed dead, Mario lived on and tried to evade Mama Luigi and his allies. Mama Luigi became aware of his survival and sent Anime Luigi to kill him, but Anime Luigi betrayed Mama Luigi and recruited Mario into the Rebel Form Army instead. Brooklyn Mario was one of the forms who survived the war, and he soon became the king of Truceland. Unfortunately, he was killed by Secret Weapon Luigi during the Poopocalypse.


  • "If we don't get outta here soon, we're toast.
  • "It's a stone, Luigi. You didn't make it."
  • "It's no time to be Italian, Luigi. Let's be Polish!"
  • "Mama? Mama Luigi? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
  • "King Koopa's got the princess locked up in his Coney Island Disco Palace!"
  • "Free the princess, or Yoshi here will eat your castle 'till we find her."
  • "Pipe number 3."
  • "You'll go your way, I'll go mine."