Barnard "Butthead" Head
Do America
I've got a beer.
Vital statistics
Occupation {{{occupation}}}
Name Barnard "Butthead" Head
Age 34 (born 1980)
Appearances Beavis and Butthead
Friends Tood, Beavis
Enemies Beavis
Hometown Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Favorite Things Chicks, things that are cool, rock music
Embodied Personalities Beavhead
Robotnik This article contains adult content and may not be suitable for the childish. You have been warned.

Barnard "Butthead" Head is an idiotic character seen on Beavis and Butthead. His ally is Beavis.



I hate this stupid game00:35

I hate this stupid game.



  • "Hey, baby."
  • "I've got a beer."
  • "Shut up, buttmunch."
  • 'Heh heh heh, heh heh heh."
  • "Yeah. Anus."
  • "He said 'extend.'"
  • "Dumbtree trunk."
  • "Woah! I just realized something. This sucks!"
  • "I'm choooooking!"


  • Despite popular belief, he was the one who discovered the "pingas" meme.

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