Dr. Mario.

Doctor Mario is a form of Mario that studies medicine. He is an incompetent doctor since all he does is throw pills at viruses.


Dr. Mario Mario formed around 1969 when Mario decided to study medicine and ended up taking drugs, causing the two Marios to branch off. He never got a medical license, but thanks to fraud, he managed to get a job at Sacred Heart Hospital. When his fraud was discovered, he ran away to the Mushroom Kingdom. Being the only person in that country who had any interest in medicine, he automatically became the land's most sought-after doctor. He later participated in the Form Wars and was murdered by Mario alongside Dr. Fat Mario in 2018, near the end of the conflict.




  • He once appeared on Cops, but Ganon burned the footage.


Bad instructions.

  • He has a serious gummi worm addiction.
  • Dr. Fat Mario is a fusion of him and Fat Mario.
  • He drives around in an upside-down ambulance. Don't ask how.

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