Eegeew 2.0


Eegeew is a good twin of Weegee who is the only good person in Weegee's family (besides the other backwards versions of normal members). He is the father of Chuck Norris. Weegee sent him to the pit in 1958, but Ganon kicked him out and sent him to the Hyrule Cryogenics Center. He was finally released in 2308. Shortly afterward, he discovered his blood's antiviral properties and developed cures for many diseases.



Old Eegeew.

  • Can live for 14 billion years, meaning he will die by the year 300 million AD.
  • Can jump really high.
  • Isn't affected by drugs.
  • Has blood that can cure most viral infections, including AIDS.
  • Has amazing hearing.
  • Can defeat Weegee.
  • Psychic powers.

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