Troll Cow

Unholy cow!

Farting is a sign of respect in Hyrule and parts of the Mushroom Kingdom.


It is when you release extra gas out of your anus so your intestine doesn't bow up like a balloon. However, in many Earth cultures, this is shown to be rude.


Tanooki Mario Artwork - Super Mario Bros. 3

This is the suit that Mario uses when he farts

  • Passing gas
  • Flatulating
  • Semipooping
  • Plaaarping


  • In Japan, there used to be farting contests. I'm not joking. Look it up.
  • Not the same as pooping.
  • Its relative is the burp.
  • Gwonam usually farts.
  • King Harkinian went extremely crazy when Link farted.
  • It's also a Minced Oath word.


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