Zelda Wand of Gamelon (French) - Intro (Rippé par Kurisu)01:08

Zelda Wand of Gamelon (French) - Intro (Rippé par Kurisu)

Cette paix est source de confusion!

French (Francais) is a language that is based on Latin and is spoken in France, Canada, and much of west Africa. It is a popular language. Many CDI sources have been translated into French, allowing many Canadians (mostly the Quebecois) and French to create French YouTube Poops. For some reason, in some FYTPS, there's still some English speaking, suggesting FYTP is mostly Canadian.

Their Voices in French

  • King Harkinian: Like a serious old man, unlike the English version.
  • Link: An excited but older child.
  • Zelda: A sarcastic and criticizing child.
    YTP french - Link et le Champignon Magique08:58

    YTP french - Link et le Champignon Magique

    Cela est encore plus déroutant!

  • Impa: Even older and more frail.

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