This is a volcano!

George Lamarck Volcano is a volcano who argues with King Harkinian about meals.


Youtube Poop - Try some00:29

Youtube Poop - Try some

DON'T try some!

Around 7 million BC, Weegee spilled a bunch of uctions into a volcano in Dinosaur World after smoking weed. This gave the volcano intelligence, and George Volcano was created.


  • He is the only source of Volvic Revive, which can bring the dead back to life. He is very careful about who he allows to take it.
  • He almost fought King Harkinian, but Ganon distracted him by complimenting his face.
  • Cavemen worship him as a god.


George the Volcano is Twisted02:43

George the Volcano is Twisted

For da LADEEZ.

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