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Charles "Chuck Gnorris" Gnorris (1959–2018) is a traitor to I.M. Meen. He has the ability to shoot crystal orbs and scrotums at people, and is a good friend of Scott, Katie, and Barack Obama. He also knows about I.M. Meen's father Writewell. Gay Luigi killed him during the Form Wars.

Chuck Gnorris

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  • "Here, take this crystal orb. You can use it to contact me whenever you touch a scroll. Now go, before the guardians catch you!"
  • "The boss is waiting for you up there. He's really mad. You don't stand a chance without Writewell's Book of Better Grammar."
  • "Fight him from a distance, if you can!"
  • "By this time you'll free all the kids before dinnertime!"
  • "Oh I gotta run, the boss is calling me!"
  • "Please, boss! Don't turn me into a Warthog!"


  • Sometimes, like in YTP Gunfight or I.M. Gay 2, he will assist the king in his adventures.
  • He's tired of being called "smelly" by I.M. Meen and Morshu.
  • His in-game sprite makes him look like he has a beard.


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