HEVS, not to be confused with hives.

The Harkinian-Ending Villainous Society, or HEVS for short, is a foundation whose goal is to kill King Harkinian, mainly because its members hate him for various reasons. Many of the members here are also members of P.I.N.G.A.S.


HEVS was created by Nainikrah Harkinian in 1976, just after King Harkinian's coronation, and they finally achieved their goal in 2021, when Evil Link joined them and helped them kill the King. Evil Link then betrayed Nainikrah, killed him, and took over HEVS, now using it to kill any biological relatives of King Harkinian. Evil Link died later, but Dr. Robotnik kept HEVS going. However, they stopped targeting all Harkinians and focused on killing the King whenever he came back to life.


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