Harkinian Relatives

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The Harkinian family consists of basically everyone related to King Harkinian of Hyrule. It goes back as far as Mhar the caveman.

Distant Ancestors


Main Article: Mhar

Mhar was the first member of the Harkinian family who lived over a few thousand decades ago. He invented dinner and the word oah.


Main Article: Neolithe

The first person to use wheat. Also the first person to get high on something other than mushrooms.

Hylius Maesar

Main Article: Hylius Maesar

The first Harkinian to a be a monarch. He invented the fork, and later invented the spork.

Arthur Harkinian

Main Article: Arthur Harkinian

The first Hylian to eat spaghetti and use the saying, Mah Boi.


Howard Harkinian

Main Article: Howard Harkinian

The greatest King and father at one. He made free schools at Eluryh. He became the King having 15 years.

George Harkinian

Main Article: George Harkinian

The first Hylian to wear actual shoes. Also the first to use the word ship.

Billy Bob Harkinian

Main Article: Billy Bob Harkinian

A very dumb grandfather to King Harkinian. Also had chest hand syndrome.

Grampa Harkinian

Main Article: Grampa Harkinian

Inventor of sneakers and the chocolate egg. Also the king's favorite grandfather.

Gramma Harkinian

Main Article: Gramma Harkinian

A good mother of the king's mom. Nobody knows her real name, except everybody.

Uncles, Aunts, and Parents

Hardy Harkinian

Main Article: Hardy Harkinian

A famous actor in movies. Then became a radio chatter.

Laurel Harkinian

Main Article: Laurel Harkinian

Famous Hylian soldier.

Auntie Harkinian

Main Article: Auntie Jones

King Harkinian's favorite aunt. He was given lotsa chocolate by her.

Harold Harkinian

Main Article: Harold Harkinian

The king's somewhat trusty dad. Told his son everything he needed to know about dinner, mah boi, and AIDS.

Clythia Jones

Main Article: Clythia Harkinian

King Harkinian's very old mother. She died when the king slapped her.

John's Generation

John Harkinian

Main Article: King John Harkinian

The memetical king of Hyrule, father of Zelda, and subject of this wiki.

Minh Harkinian

Main Article: Minh Harkinian

The king's older brother who lives in Vietnam.

Nainikrah Harkinian

Main Article: Nainikrah

The king's evil brother and founder of HEVS.

Nerdwin Harkinian

Main Article: Nerdwin

The king's geeky and socially awkward brother.

Johnjohn Harkinian

Main Article: Johnjohn

The king's brother who is even more obsessed with dinner and mah boi. Was killed when he failed a homicide.

Larry Harkinian

Main Article: Larry Harkinian

The king's best friend as a child.

Rod Harkinian

Main Article: Rodney Harkinian

John's very patriotic brother.

William Harkinian

Main Article: William Harkinian

The king's youngest and only dead brother.

Mario Harkinian

Main Article: Mario Harkinian

The king's stranger brother. Need I say more?

Onkled Harkinian

Main Article: Duke Onkled

The king's traitorous cousin.

Judy Harkinian

Main Article: Judy Harkinian

The king's somewhat ugly sister.



Main Article: Zelda

The king's first and very important daughter.

Lady Alma

Main Article: Lady Alma

Duke Onkled's daughter.


Ganon, Jr.

Main Article: Ganon, Jr.

Zelda's illegetimate son.

Harold Harkinian, Jr.

Main Article: Harry Harkinian

Link and Zelda's first child, and the king's first legitimate grandson.

Robby Harkinian

Main Article: Robby Harkinian

Another grandson of the king.

Anakin Harkinian

Main Article: Anakin Harkinian

The king's great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandson. He turned evil and became Darth Harkinian.

Distant Relatives

Mario and Co.

Main Article: Mario's Family

Share a common ancestor together.


Main Article: Link

Zelda's friend and savior, as well as the father of Harry and Robby.


Main Article: Impa

Zelda's grandmother and the king's kooky mother-in-law.

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