Hylian Market Crash

The Hylian Market Crash of 1989 happened when The Baker ended up melting all the rupees in Koridai and Gamelai.


Unemployment Rate: 70.4%

Money Lost: $270 billion in American dollars



The Baker's accident.

After The Baker nuked all the rupees, many notable companies went out of business, and people like Morshu–who lost so much money that he had to give up ownership of Morshu Mart–lost their jobs. Gwonam became so poor he lost his turban and his house, and a weakened Koridai was annexed by Hyrule in 1990. Things got so bad that in 1991, King Harkinian declared war on Ganon, hoping to steal his rupees, and hired warriors such as Link to attack him. It wasn't until Hyrule switched its currency from rupees to gold in 1999 that the economy returned to normal.


  • Everyone under 40 was unemployed.

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