Youtube Poop Ice King sanity meter is low01:07

Youtube Poop Ice King sanity meter is low.

Teh King of Iceland.

Ice King

Ice King no confident.

For the Ice Queen from Zelda CD-i, see here.

Simon "Bolivar" Petrikov was born in 1999 and was an archaeologist until a nuke destroyed much of Hyrule, Earth, and the Mushroom Kingdom. Then, he became an evil king bent of kidnapping princesses and eating heroes (no, not Finn, hero sandwiches). The spirit of I.M. Meen inhabited his body starting in the 2070s. Meen was the chosen one, making Ice King the only being who could kill Ultimate Weegee. As a result, Weegee killed him in 11,588.


  • He and King Harkinian hate each other.
  • He may be Swedish, or British, or German. We don't know.
  • He once fell in love with his foot. -_-
  • He likes breakfast.

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