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Illegal means that you should get punished on a pubic scale. Kravindish likes illegalizing things.

Things that are illegal in Most Places

This Is Legal, You Know00:03

This Is Legal, You Know

Mayor Kravindish has a change of heart.

Things that are Illegal in Hyrule

Things that are Illegal in the Mushroom Kingdom

  • Not murdering people
  • Not commiting fraud
  • Not destroying property
  • Not raping people
  • Perscription drugs
  • Giving things back to their rightful owners
  • Sober driving
  • Believing anything the Princess doesn't believe
  • Liking Koopas
  • Free Speech
  • Free Press
  • Free Religion
  • Right to Bear Arms

Things that are Illegal in Gravity Falls

  • Nothing

Things that are Illegal in North Korea

  • Everything

Things that are Illegal in the Koopa Kingdom

Things that are Illegal in YouTube Poop

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