Youtube poop Impa Illegal Cereal = The Apocalypse!-136330137601:34

Youtube poop Impa Illegal Cereal = The Apocalypse!-1363301376

In this video, Impa eats illegal cereal and Zelda defeats her. Link also attacks her with the king's goblet.


(gibberish from Impa and King Harkinian)

Impa: I'm going to eat illegal cereal! Mmm, cereal.

(Super Mario Galaxy music)

Impa: Church church church church ogy ogy ogy ogy (repeat)!

(Link steals Harkinian's goblet)

King Harkinian: Hey! Why'd you do that?

Link: I'm going to save Impa!

(Link throws the goblet)

Impa: You dare attack me? You must die!

(Zelda attacks Impa, and Impa falls to her death)

Zelda: I wond.

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