King Dinnerem.

King Dinnerem Forever Dinner Force07:58

King Dinnerem Forever Dinner Force

Mahogany Boil!

King Dinnerem is an alter ego of King Harkinian. He tends to find an enemy of Link and his clones. This is because Link tried to kill him with a nuclear Dinner Blaster.


King Dinnerem was created when the newly-formed terrorist group Squad Allah began trying to assassinate King Harkinian. King Harkinian didn't take this lightly and sought to destroy them immediately, but the group was based in then-independent Koridai, which refused to tolerate any incursion by Hyrule's armies. King Harkinian "solved" this problem by assuming an alter ago he called King Dinnerem and bombing large areas of Koridai himself. Unfortunately, his disguise fooled nobody, resulting in severely strained relations between Hyrule and Koridai, and Squad Allah leader Osama bin Gwonam escaped, ensuring the group's survival.


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