Link Screeb
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My boy...?
Vital statistics
Occupation Warrior, tutor.
Name Link Screeb
Age 37 years.
Appearances Link: Faces of Evil, Zelda: Wand of Gamelon, YouTube Poop.
Friends Gwonam, King Harkinian (usually), Zelda.
Enemies King Harkinian (sometimes), Duke Onkled, Ganon, his older self, I.M. Meen.
Hometown Hyrule City, Gomalan.
Relatives Harry Harkinian, son. Robby Harkinian, son. Zelda Harkinian, wife. John Harkinian, father-in-law. Weegee, grandfather. Impa Schrob, grandmother. Gremer Screeb, mother.
Favorite Things Swords, octoroks, bombs.
Embodied Personalities Bizarro Link, Toon Link, Oni Link, Nlik, Knil, Ling, Link Head, Lunk, Evil Link, Grink.

Link Screeb (1980–2040) is Zelda's cousin and the hero of Koridai. He is also I.M. Meen's enemy.



Link around age five, during the Hylian Civil War.

Link was born on May 17, 1980 in Hyrule City, Gomalan. As an infant, he was abandoned by his parents; they claimed to have lost him during Hurricane Zelda, but in reality, they just didn't like him. Link somehow survived on his own and eventually entered kindergarten, but his severe mental retardation would prevent him from progressing any further. It also didn't help that he spent most of his time adventuring and fighting; he first saw combat at a very young age in the Hylian Civil War, in which he gained notoriety by single-handedly destroying entire towns. He also made money by participating in cloning experiments, resulting in the creation of forms such as Bizarro Link and Lunk.

Link finally gave up on completing kindergarten after trying it for six years and decided to make being a slave warrior his full-time career. In 1991, King Harkinian hired Link to attack Ganon and steal his rupees, beginning a long partnership. Link had great success in the so-called Rupee War, and the King rewarded him with a share of the money stolen from Ganon, as well as his own chambers in Hyrule Castle. Link also met the King's young and beautiful ungrateful daughter Zelda, and saved her many times. However, he failed at getting a kiss because Zelda liked being a jerk to him. He saved Koridai with help from Gwonam in 1993, but later that same year, he failed to free King Harkinian from captivity in Gamelon. This somehow resulted in him being trapped inside Lady Alma's mirror until Zelda broke it.



In 2005, Link decided to go back to school and enrolled in Warrior College. He actually managed to graduate, probably because the general didn't want to put up with his ineptitude any longer. From there, he got a job being a YouTube Poop character, and he has been working ever since. In 2010, he met I.M. Meen and accused him of being gay, provoking Meen into attacking Hyrule. He later fought for the "pures" in the Form Wars and took over the Hylian military after King Harkinian was assassinated. In 2015, Link unsuccessfully ran for president of the United States of America.

Later Life

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Look behind you, King!

Link often likes raiding people's houses and often likes either trying to kiss Zelda or grabbing his stuff for a journey. His attitudes regarding King Harkinian vary wildly; sometimes he treats the King with total reverence and loyalty, going so far as to desire him sexually, but on other occasions he will viciously insult the King or physically assault him for little to no reason, usually by throwing things at him. Link's stupidity makes him incredibly gullible; for example, he once joined Ganon just because Ganon told him, with no proof whatsoever, that he was Ganon's son. He once tried to put on a strike, and succeeded, but later realized he got ripped off. He is also a devoted Brony and has a Rainbow Dash mask, which he made himself.

Criminal Record


Link has gotten a lot of stuff on his criminal record, and it has gotten worse ever since the Hylian Civil War.

  • Breaking and entering.
  • Drug abuse (mainly weed, hemp, and octoroks)
  • Being gay.
  • Breaking dress codes.
  • Stabbing innocent people with his sword.
  • Stealing money.
  • Insulting the King's weight.
  • Destroying the Coney Island Disco Palace.
  • Crushing Yoshkins to death.

Religious Views


Link gets drunk.

Until 2009, Link was basically an atheist and never really cared about religion. After he fatally injured Yoshkins, he was held prisoner in Dinosaur World and charged with manslaughter. Link only got out of a prison sentence by promising to reform, so he converted to Christianity. At first, he only did this to make himself look good until he could get back to Hyrule, but then he started to believe its teachings. Before long, he was fasting "for Jesus", much to King Harkinian's dismay. More importantly, he tried to keep his bisexual urges under control and finally married Zelda.

Status as Mah Boi


Oh my goodness, this is awful!

In October 1993, King Harkinian promoted Link to being "Mah Boi". This meant he had tenure as a warrior and a video game character. However, he began to abuse his power (e.g., punching the king in the dong) and he was finally demoted to scrub monkey in 2011. According to rumor, he might have been "Mah Boi" as early as 1989, although that may have actually been Bizarro Link.



Link ruins yet another thing of natural beauty.

Ganon thought Link's face was the greatest in Gomalan, but he wanted to make Link's face even better, in return for Link's assistance for seizing Koridai. In reality, Link has an ugly face. For unknown reasons, his face also tends to become distorted when certain things like fairies and birds are near.


Youtube Poop - Link's on Strike

Youtube Poop - Link's on Strike

Link has had enough of the King's incompetence.


Link face is slightly less ugly like this.

  • "Gee, it sure is boring around here."
  • "I just wonder what Ganon's up to."
  • "Great! I'll grab my stuff!"
  • "What are all those heads?"
  • "I guess I better get going."
  • "Let's go find Zelda!"
  • "Luckily I brought my Smart Sword. It doesn't hurt anyone friendly."
  • "That old Ganon is no match for the king."
  • "Oh boy! I'm so hungry, I could eat an octorok!"
  • "Great! I can't wait to bomb some dodongoes!"
  • "What happened?"
  • "I can't wait to bomb Dongo!"
  • "Dong!"
  • "Luckily I brought my Smart Sword. It doesn't hurt anyone friendly. In fact, it makes them fat!"
  • "Gee, I'm so bored too."
  • "Hey! Wanna stop your f--king whining and think about something besides food for once, you fat sack of royal crap?"
  • "You're so sad and pathetic. I hope you die of a heart attack."
  • "F--k a duck!"


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