This entire wiki is probably illegal.

Bob Kravindish (1955–2008) is an old man and the mayor of Gamelon City. He often fights with King Harkinian over the the King's utter disregard for the law, and has attempted to arrest him on many occasions.


This is illegal you know00:03

This is illegal you know.

What part of illegal don't you understand?

When Ganon attacked Gamelon in 1993, Kravindish was captured and taken to Tykogi Tower. Eventually, Zelda freed him. In 2008, he tried to ban dinner, which led to his death at the hands of an angry mob. Needless to say, the King approved of this turn of events.


Embarrased Mayor

Oh, the indignity of YouTube Poop.

  • He often bans things, making them illegal.
  • His name is Hyrulese for "craving for dinner."
  • He is a member of HEVS.


  • "This is illegal, you know."
  • "Oh, the indignity."
  • "Your highness, would you kindly cut the chains that bind me?"
  • "I managed to conceal this magic lantern. I hope it can be of use."
  • "This is legal, you know."
  • "I managed to conceal this magic lantern, to please me."


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