Minh Harkinian

Minh in 1960.

Minh Harkinian is a son of Harold Harkinian and is King Harkinian's older brother.


When Minh was conceived, Harold and Clythia Harkinian were touring all of France and its possessions. While he was developing a nervous system, they were visiting French Guyana. By the time he was born, his parents were already in French Indochina. He was born on April 18, 1945. By age three, Vietnam became independent of France, so Minh took up reading Vietnamese... and French. By age fifteen, he knew how to speak in seven languages and by college he could fluently speak in twenty-three languages. He left when the Vietnam War started, and moved to Hyrule with his younger brother, John. He ended up being a great big brother, and that made John jealous, so he banished Minh back to Earth. He currently lives in Cao Lanh, Dong Thap, Vietnam.


Minh is known to have a inflamed brain because of his vast knowledge. His brain can't fit everything he knows! But he is still very friendly and generous.

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