Morshu Mart in 2010.

Morshu Mart is the most important store in Hyrule. Many, many things have been sold there over the years.


Morshu Mart originated in Germany as the small, family-owned Schmitz Store. Morshu worked there from a very early age and renamed the business after himself when he introduced it to Koridai in the late 1960s. It was wildly successful, and by the late 1980s, it had grown to the point where there was at least one Morshu Mart per city in Hyrule. In 1989, however, Morshu sold the company to Hyru-Mart due to financial difficulties brought on by the Hylian Market Crash. After the Hylian economy recovered, Morshu seized control of Hyru-Mart and regained ownership of Morshu Mart.



Link holds three of the store's most popular products.


  • You must pay up front, since they can't give credit. This is why that guy from Popeye hates it.
  • It has had 18 lawsuits since 1958.
  • It is the Hylian counterpart to the American Walmart and the British Asda.

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