The front of the box.

Munf munf for boi's dinner.
Munf munf cereal

Mah cereal.

                                -The King

Munf Munf is a cereal that is for dinner. It was one of King Harkinian's side businesses from 2007 to 2011.

Legal Issues

Youtube Poop The King runs out of Munf-Munf02:05

Youtube Poop The King runs out of Munf-Munf

Oh no! The King has run out of Munf Munf.

Munf Munf was outlawed in 2009 when it was realized that it contained old donut glaze, the king's dandruff, diarrhea, and plastic. The King appealed and gained permission to keep selling it temporarily, but the ban was reinstated in 2011. Thus, the King had to make a new cereal, Shipt Flakes. However, Morshu kept selling it in secret, though at exorbitantly high prices.


  • "It tastes like diarrhea."
  • "Kiss!"
  • "Delicious!"

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