Star Wars Parody

When HASN'T someone been making a Star Wars parody?

Star Wars is a movie series first released in 1977, about a young farmboy named Luke Skywalker who tries to rebel against an evil empire. Luke wins, his father is redeemed, and he defeats the emperor. It is King Harkinian's second-favorite movie franchise, after Jaws.


Star Wars Theme Song By John Williams02:12

Star Wars Theme Song By John Williams

Listen to this.


  • A cameo appearance by Fari as a stormtrooper was filmed for the The Force Awakens, but after Fari killed the King, the scene was reshot with someone else.
  • Believe it or not, a droid was named after Weegee. This is no longer canon, however, much to Weegee's displeasure.

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