If you need instructions...

One of the Eight Awesome Books, The Enclosed Instruction Book is the most revered and sought-after book of YouTube Poopers, as well as the most important book of Wumbology.


The latest edition of the Enclosed Instruction Book was written in 1807, way before modern YTP even existed. The book was then hidden in the Temple of Poop; archaeologists have no idea how this was accomplished, as the only entrance to the temple was blocked, and the current consensus among wumbologists is that some kind of magic must have been used.

Anyway, the book remained hidden until 1989, when a few people entered the Temple of Poop and collected some of its artifacts. Among this group was Mario, who was unaware of the book's significance and wound up selling it to I.M. Meen. Meen, being illiterate, was similarly oblivious and stored it in the back of his library. Mario eventually realized his mistake, and in 1998, he stole the book and sent it to safety at the Hyrule Island Pingas Palace. The Enclosed Instruction Book was finally released to the public in 2020.


Other Names

  • The Wumbology Bible
  • The Wumbology Handbook
  • The Instruction Book
  • Mah Book
  • The Book of Poop
  • YouTube Toilet Paper
  • The Stupidest Great Book on Earth

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