Weegee Malleo
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Vital statistics
Occupation Genocist
Name Weegee Malleo
Age 13,700,002,015 years.
Appearances Mario is Missing!

Shupa Malleo Brudahs Weegee Will Destroy Your Soul

Friends Malleo, Fortran, Yoko Littner
Enemies Luigi, King Harkinian, Guiyii
Hometown Weegee City
Relatives Fortran, father.

Malleo, brudah. Eegeew, brudah. Chuck Norris, nephew. Weegpa, son. Tylda Harkinian, daughter. John Harkinian, son-in-law. Zelda Harkinian, granddaughter.

Favorite Things Death, The Weegee virus, magic balloons
Embodied Personalities Mama Weegee, Gay Weegee, Toon Weegee

Weegee Malleo is a villain who was born a year after the Big Bang. He is very evil and is responsible for many of the world's major problems. He has a wiki (as well as countless other spinoff wikis) and a bunch of clones. Some have become really powerful, like Pureegee and Chroneegee. He also has a huge family. He's created many things, including the Weegee channel. He is a co-author of Malleo Comics and a member of P.I.N.G.A.S.



Weegee in action.

Weegee was born to Papa Weegee and Mashesh in the year 13,699,999,999 BC. He immediately killed his mother, causing his evil uncle Fortran to take interest in him. He grew up in the United 'Gees Universe, where he still lives, and his brother Malleo taught him how to be evil. Naturally, he and his good twin Eegeew became rivals. Weegee's goal was to conquer the Weegeeverse, but portals opened to other universes and caused him to get in trouble with other universes.

Weegee eventually invaded the CDI Universe, attacking its civilizations and spreading his virus on various worlds. He eventually went to Eluryh and resurrected a man called Ganon, who became his minion. Weegee joined Ganon in an invasion of Gannonan in 1138, and they spent the next few centuries subjugating the entire continent. Ganon then exiled Weegee, causing him to fall into a deep depression. He decided to attempt suicide, eventually succeeding after fasting for a hundred years, but came back to life forty years later.

In 2026, Weegee ran for President in the Democratic primary. After crushing Hillary Clinton, he went on to beat the Republican candidate in the general election and was signed into office on Janurary 20, 2027.

Later on, Weegee invented AIDS as a biological weapon, aided Hyrule during the Breakfast War, and fought for Mama Luigi in the Form Wars. He actually managed to conquer Earth in 2026, but left when an ice age started. In 2588, Weegee was finally captured and condemned to 9,000 years in Koopatraz prison. His friends tried attacking Plit to free him, but they failed, and Weegee ended up serving his entire sentence. He finally died in 999,999,999,999,999,999,999 AD when Chuck Norris prevented him from escaping from the universe as it ended.


Weegee is easily one of the most evil beings in existence. He is determined to spread the Weegee Virus and makes everyone and everything a member of the Weegee Army, with which he wants to conquer all of existence. He derives joy from the pain and suffering of others, and he hardly shows any form of true attachment to anyone except his closest relatives. He is extremely intelligent, as he is only one year younger than the universe itself, giving him lotsa life experience. He is a tactical mastermind, and an expert combatant. This has allowed him to survive for very long, outlasting almost any other being in existence before the end of time. He is so evil, even Satan himself bows down to his incomprehensible evil.

Like King Harkinian, although his sanity and intelligence is often questioned, he is shown to have a brilliant mind that is nearly on par with God's. He has figured out the secret to time travel, and knows the cure to every disease ever (though he won't tell as he wants people to die and suffer).




Criminal Record

Like King Harkinian, he has a huge criminal record. However, unlike King Harkinian, it is so large that summing it up here cannot do it justice. But seriously, he has committed more crimes then any other being in EXISTENCE.


Weegee has countless forms. He has even more forms then the likes of Mama Luigi. Due to this, they can't all be stated. But his most powerful forms will be listed:


Sexual Orientation


Weegee, in a rare intimate moment.

Weegee's sexual orientation is a mystery. He has shown signs of being heterosexual, bisexual, and homosexual. Due to the fact he is married to Daizeh, heterosexual seems more likely. However, recently, he has shown himself to be asexual, and not like those of any sex. If this is true, he doesn't love Daizeh, and is just using her for domination. Others say that he is asexual, but is heteroromantic, meaning he really does love Daizeh, he just doesn't want to have sex with her. In any case, he is known to have had heterosexual relationships with non-Weegees, most notably Impa, who gave birth to his son Weegpa.


There are a lot of people who call Weegee a "dead fad", or say stupid things about him. Some will even post insulting pictures, often involving their pingas. These haters like to spam the Weegee wiki and use unoriginal insults, most of them being "gay" or Weegee being dead. They're idiots. Luckily, the spammer's attacks are usually cleaned up, but there are still haters.

Weegee Virus

Main Article: Weegee Virus

Obey Weegee

This virus is very contagious and must be handled with caution.

The Weegee Virus is a disease that hypnotizes people and adds his face to a victim's face. It will sometimes cause them to explode and/or die. This disease is incredibly and dangerous. It was recognized by the World Health Organization in 2007 as worse than the Mah Boi Disease, and is the most dangerous contagious disease. Many people have died looking for a cure.

Immune People

Go Weegee (Weegee animable)

Go Weegee (Weegee animable)

There is more than one Weegee, but only one is the "authentic" Weegee.


  • He is a retired Wumbologist.
  • He was president of the United States of America, but was impeached on his 2nd term after trying to absorb the U.S with the United 'Gees Universe.
  • He was mentored by Bill Cipher.
  • He usually hires others to do his assassinations, although he has shown that he is willing to play the assassin to get what he wants.
  • He has limited God abilities. He can't die of natural causes, but if he is killed he will stay dead unless he is revived. Due to this, many consider him a god.
  • He knows every language in existence, except Spanish (as he hates all Mexican related things)
  • He is extremely racist, he hates every race but white, minus a few members of other races.
  • He is a religious figure. He is considered the "devil" of Poopism, and the God of his own religion.
  • He has lived longer then any other (non-God) being in YouTube Poop Lore.
  • He runs the United 'Gees Universe division of Apple.


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