Yumustdai City Limit

Anyone who moves out of this city must die!

Population 9,421,999
Mayor Alanakis Vatsava

Arab-like (37%)

Black (23%)

White (20%)

Other (20%)

Yumustdai is a city in Koridai. It is the second-biggest city in Hyrule and the capital of Koridai. 



In 1127, Ru Ma-Halab founded the city of Yumustdai on the Squadala River. It was a major trade center for the next 800 years until the Hylian Market Crash. Gwonam Al-Fari, Sr. founded Squadallah-Mart in 1929. It failed in 1944, but it has been prospering since the foundation of Morshu Mart in 1958.



  • It is a pun on "You must die."
  • Gwonam was born there.
  • Until the Hyrulean cannon was invented in 1604, Yumustdai had the best defenses in Hyrule.

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